About CMR Capital Group

(alignment, governance,

We seek to create
competitive advantages by
collaborating and aligning
our interests with
investors and operators.

We believe that
collaboration and the
proper alignment of
interests optimizes upside
potential while minimizing
downside risk.
(adherence to strict
underwriting standards)

Our team, in the
aggregate, has been
involved in hundreds of
real estate investment
endeavors.  These
experiences have taught
us the value of a rigorous,
consistent, methodical
and conservative
underwriting and due
diligence disciplines.

(knowledge of markets
and product types)

CMR adheres to the
principal that all real
estate is local
and a real
estate investor must be
educated in the macro
and micro economics of
the jurisdictions, the
product types and the
asset classes in which it

We pride ourselves on the
research we perform in
the course of our